7 car maintenance tips to make your car better

Nowadays cars have more and more functions and bring more convenience. With the improvement of living standards, many people have their cars. However, many car owners do not know how to maintain a car. In fact, as a walking machine, it also needs our careful maintenance to run better. Knowing how to maintain and repair your car in advance will not only help you avoid problems but also make your car last longer and save you a lot of money. So what are the basics we should know?

1. Know your user manual

Anyone who has bought a car knows that the supplier will provide an owner’s manual. It is usually kept in the glove box. This manual is designed to give owners a better understanding of your car and what to do. When reading the manual, focus on the maintenance part, pay attention to your car engine oil, oil filter, tire transposition, belt, hose, and other maintenance items interval, and follow the requirements. It is very important to maintain your car according to the advice in the user’s manual. If you can’t find your manual, contact the dealer to get a copy.

2. Check tires regularly and replace flat tires

We all know the importance of tires for cars. If the tire suddenly goes, the car won’t run at all. Checking tire pressure and tread wear regularly can help you avoid blowouts while driving. For example, the outer tread wears faster than the inner tread, indicating a possible problem. Uneven wear is usually a sign that a car is not aligned. In addition, the correct tire pressure is very important, and you can find the ideal tire pressure on the sign on the driver’s door frame or in the user’s manual. Tire inspection is usually done about once a month. At the same time, it is best to know how to change the tire in advance, so that when there is an accident, the tire can be replaced as soon as possible to solve the problem. It’s not that hard to change a tire, but it’s best to always keep the tools you need in the car for emergencies. You’ll need a spare tire, a car jack, a one-way wrench, flashlights, and gloves as well.

3. Replace oil and other liquids

Engine oil is also an important part of the normal functioning of the car. A timely oil change can significantly improve car performance. Of course, oil is not the only liquid that needs to be checked. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid also need to be checked. Periodically check that they all reach the specified fill line. It is important to note that do not remove the radiator cover to check the coolant level, otherwise, you may get scalded. If you are unsure of the location of each liquid type, consult your user manual. Checking the fluid doesn’t take a lot of time — it takes about 10 minutes to complete — but this action will make your car work better.

In addition, the quality of the oil is also a very important factor. The VXDIAG tester can check the quality of automobile brake fluid and tire pressure tests. It is a high-precision portable two-in-one tester. Only need 11 dollars, can help you solve the tire and engine oil inspection problem.

4. Replace the battery

You won’t be able to turn on the ignition without a car battery. So you need to check your car battery regularly and know how to replace it. Check your battery at least once a year to see if your car’s battery terminals show any signs of dry white battery acid. If so, remove the cable from the battery (remove the negative cable first). Then use a wire brush and corrosion remover to remove corrosive materials from the battery terminals. Or wash with a mixture of baking soda and water. Finally, rinse with water, dry with a cloth, and then reconnect the battery cable (connect the positive cable first). If you need to replace the battery, that’s easy. You just need to follow these steps.

  • Take off the lid
  • Disconnect the negative cable and remove the clip from the post
  • Disconnect and clamp the positive cable
  • Remove the screws
  • Replace old batteries with new ones
  • Replace the cable clip

If you can’t test your battery regularly and aren’t sure if it’s in good condition, don’t miss LAUNCH X431 BST360. It can help owners understand the overall state of the car’s battery, such as checking whether the battery needs to be replaced, checking the battery capacity, conducting battery start-up and charging tests, and so on. It can help you solve problems and keep your car safe, but it can also save you trouble. And its price is not high, it is a good car battery detector.

Car maintenance

5. Check the belt

The timing belts found in most cars and small SUVs are critical to engine operation. If the car belt shows signs of wear, such as cracking, glazing, and material loss (the belt itself lacks bulk), replace the car belt as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the timing belt falls off while you are driving the car, it can cause more serious engine damage problems. Replacing the timing belt is not difficult either, you just need a set of maintenance tools to do it yourself. MR CARTOOL this kit contains 34 common tools and is suitable for replacing timing belts on a variety of vehicles. If you don’t know which timing tool is suitable for your car, this kit is a good choice.

6. Replace the spark plug

If you find it difficult to start your car, but the engine light is on properly, the fuel consumption is poor, the car accelerates slowly and you can hear the engine idling, then it is time to replace the spark plug. And it’s best to always carry an extra spark plug, as you may not be able to find a suitable and reliable spark plug alternative if you’re in a remote area. Replacing spark plugs is also easy. You need to remove the plug cord, take out the faulty spark plug, replace the old spark plug with a new one, and then reconnect the wire. The spark plug should also be cleaned regularly to keep it in normal use. The AUTOOL CT150 can be used not only for spark plug cleaning but also for car nozzle cleaning. In addition, you can also check whether the fuel injector leaks and plugs and the body is small and convenient to carry.

7. Check the car system

Only when each car system is kept in good condition can the car run normally. However, the detection and diagnosis of automotive systems are much more complicated than the above points. It is difficult for non-mechanics to diagnose and judge by themselves. But if you have relevant car diagnostic equipment, it can help you solve this problem. With the tools, you can test the car by yourself. XTOOL or AUTEL automotive diagnostic tools are both very good choices. There are a variety of different functional tools to meet different needs. Of course, you can also choose to go to an auto repair shop to find a mechanic for inspection, but in fact, the combined cost of multiple inspections is not lower than the purchase of tools.

All in all, if you want a car to drive better and longer, daily maintenance is a very important part, and some necessary tools can also help you better complete car maintenance tasks.

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