Five essential tips to help you travel happily with your dog

As the holidays approach, many people will be traveling with their dogs. Here are five essential tips to help you travel safely and happily with your dog during the holiday season.

Five essential tips to help you travel happily with your dog
Five essential tips to help you travel happily with your dog

Familiarize yourself with your car and canine

An early and gentle introduction to car travel is a good idea. But then, dogs have a choice in what is new or scary and can boost their confidence in the long run.

You can start by familiarizing your dog or puppy with the car itself. First, please encourage them to take a good whiff and get familiar with the smell of your vehicle. Then, open the car doors and boots and let them in and out at their leisure. A tasty reward for their nose work will help create a positive bond with the car.

It’s all in the body language

Signs of distress may be shivering, panting and leaving the car. There are many reasons why a dog might be anxious about a car trip – so take your time introducing your dog to the car and try going on the trip purely for the fun of going to the beach or park. This way, you’ll start to build positive associations. Next, watch for signs of overstimulation and stress, take a break, and return to where your dog feels comfortable.

Keep your hound safe and sound

Consider where your dog will be traveling to and protect it by securing them in place with a harness, guard or crate. Then, if you have to stop suddenly, they will be restrained. It also helps keep them away from drivers and avoids distractions while you’re driving.

Three-point turnaround

Can your dog do a “three-point turnaround” in the car’s back? Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around comfortably and lie down in the space inside the car.

Snacks in the car

Everyone loves a snack in the car, including your pooch friend. So reward your dog for being a great travel companion by bringing their favorite snack with you when you travel. You can prepare them for a long-lasting journey, or passengers can give them some rewards from time to time.

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