The best way to understand your car’s spark plugs

It is undeniable that any part of a vehicle is an integral part of it, to which certain functions are assigned. While the larger units as engine, generator, battery, etc. are less and less clear, the purpose of the small details is sometimes difficult to understand. These are the small components of a big car that are spark plugs. Spark plugs are used to ignite a fuel-air mixture in the engine combustion chamber when you turn on the ignition. The spark is caused by a powerful electrical discharge between the electrodes. But unfortunately, the auto spark plugs can’t be used permanently, and from time to time need to be replaced with new ones.

new spark plug
With a view to keep the machine in order, it is necessary to change the spark plugs regularly. The replacement time of candles varies depending on the type of candles, the material from which they are made and the conditions of use. Standard candles should be replaced at every scheduled inspection. Failure to do so will make it more difficult to start the engine, causing cylinder outages, increased fuel consumption, and other unpleasant consequences – and the reason for all of this is that the spark plugs are defective.

Why do you need to replace plugs at time?

The price of a single candle, which has not been replaced in time, is not comparable to the cost of repair. Therefore, it is very important to take all precautions. If the engine starts to work erratically, it loses power – often the suspicion falls on the failure of the spark plug. This is particularly true at idle speeds. Increased fuel consumption also suggests that candles should be checked. We advise you to purchase an ignition verifier to prevent faulty installations and to replace all necessary sparkling plugs in time.

new and old spark plug

What can help you understand that it is time to change the sparkling plugs?

The best solution will be to purchase the AUTOOL SPT360 Car Spark Plug Checker, which can perform technical testing of spark plugs, create a model of conditional engine operation.

spark plug checker AUTOOL SPT360


Advantages of the Car Spark Plug Tester

The device has a liquid crystal display and a wide range of operating frequencies that differ from such machines:
The company guarantees that the machine will work for three years, which is also an advantage.
When compared with other devices for the ignition, one can conclude that AUTOOL SPT360 Car Spark Plug Checker comes forward due to its characteristics – the precise display allows seeing and adjusting the speed of rotation of the equipment.
AUTOOL SPT360 is designed to test under pressure spark plugs under conditions as close as possible to those in use.
It is reliable and high quality and will take many years because if used correctly and accurately it will not need to be repaired.

step of use AUTOOL SPT360 spark plug checker

Among the advantages of the device is that it accurately mimics the angle of the closed-loop state of the interrupter’s contacts. There is an additional functionality due to the possibility of adding a further switch with separate diagnostics. The spark plug checker is tested in the conditions closest to the conditions due to the ramp machine.

If you are interested in it, you can watch the video below:

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