Why and How to Test Automotive Spark Plugs using A Spark Plug Tester?

What is an automobile spark plug and what does it do?

An automobile spark plug delivers current to the combustion chamber for the ignition of air-fuel mixture with the help of an electric spark. It’s an essential component of a spark-ignition engine, generally an internal combustion petrol engine. 

Connecting with a higher voltage source of about 12,000 to 25,000 volts, it produces a spark at the required time. The spark creates an explosion making the engine of your vehicle produce power. 

spark plug tester

Why test spark plugs with a spark tester?

Sometimes you may experience issues with your engine and many things could be responsible for them. Whether there is a misfire in your engine or the “check engine” light is on, it’s always a wise decision to start with the simplest and easiest solution and step forward if another advanced repair is required. Spark plugs are generally cheap and it’s not a big deal to replace your spark plug. Maybe solving the issues related to the spark plug or replacing it with a new one can be the first try to end the troubleshooting process. This can save your money as well as solve the issues related to the engine in a short time. So, it’s good to start with your spark plugs when you need to solve engine-related problems.

How to test a spark plug with the help of AUTOOL SPT360? 

It’s possible to test a spark plug with or without using a spark plug tester. Both methods require the removal process of the spark plug wire. The process needs extra care to ensure no damage at the time of detaching it from the spark plug end. To start the engine troubleshooting without a spark tester, a spark plug wrench is needed to release the plug from your vehicle’s engine. The bottom metal body of the spark plug should touch a metallic part before the inspection of the engine turn over process at the gap of the tip. It’s expected to see a blue spark at the time of turning the engine over and there is a larger possibility of having issues related to the engine if the blue spark is absent despite having the ignition turned on. If you have a spark plug tester, you only need to join it with the ignition wire and another end of the spark tester to the spark plug. The next process is simple and easy as you only need to turn on the ignition, try to start the engine, inspect visible spark, and finally come to a decision about the spark plug.

spark plug tester
spark plug tester

AUTOOL SPT360 is a popular spark plug tester extremely suitable for passenger vehicles, motorcycles. The spark tester ensures some notable features such as standard comparison test, up to 9,000 rpm wide working frequency range, LCD, simulating engine operating conditions, 3-year warranty along with accurate spark plug performance test. The spark plug testing process with the AUTOOL SPT360 spark tester is simple and easy without any hassle. All you need is to plug and play following the detailed and clear instructions having no confusion. Using the spark tester, you can make your spark plug testing experience smooth and effective with no major work that is required if you need to do the engine troubleshooting without a spark tester. The AUTOOL SPT360 unit is compact, having a weight of only 1.1 kg that making it highly portable. It’s possible to test 5 spark plugs at the same time with smart controlling systems. There is also no need to worry when the concern related to quality assurance and fast shipping comes.

A budget-friendly and compact spark tester like AUTOOL SPT360 can help you in some helpless and complex engine troubleshooting situations. It’s a judicious decision to have a spark plug tester for initiating the engine inspection process with the simplest solution.


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