How to choose brake fluid and replace it

With the development of the automotive industry, car safety is receiving more and more attention. The best way to eliminate hidden dangers is to regularly maintain and test our cars, such as changing the brake fluid, which plays an important role in the process of driving the car. If there is a problem with the brake fluid during high speed driving, it can lead to serious car accidents, so we need to change the brake fluid regularly to ensure our safety.

What is brake fluid

Brake fluid is a liquid medium used to transmit braking pressure in the hydraulic braking system of an automobile and is used in vehicles with hydraulic braking systems. Brake fluid, also known as brake fluid or compressor fluid, is an indispensable part of the braking system, and in the braking system, it is used as a force transfer medium, because the liquid cannot be compressed, so the pressure output from the master pump is directly transferred to the sub-pump through the brake fluid.

car brake fluid

Selecting a good brake fluid

The good or bad of brake fluid can be judged from the following aspects:

1. Appearance

The appearance of high quality brake fluid is similar to honey, light yellow or dark yellow, and it will get hotter and hotter after being dropped in the palm of your hand. Poor quality brake fluid will contain the smell of alcohol, liquid like water, and may appear some impurities and suspended matter.

2. Boiling point

The higher the boiling point, the better. When the car is driven for a long time, the temperature will rise to several hundred degrees. If the boiling point of the brake fluid is not high enough, once the brake fluid as the brake pads get hotter and hotter, it will vaporize and produce bubbles, which will lead to the inability to brake immediately, as the safety of driving cannot be guaranteed.

3. Freezing point

The most important thing about brake fluid is that it should have good flow, and high quality brake fluid is still sensitive and reliable in low temperature environment. But poor quality brake fluid will solidify when the temperature is too low, greatly reducing the braking performance.

4. Corrosiveness

High-quality brake fluid is less corrosive to metal and rubber, which can extend the life of the brake fluid pump. However, poor quality brake fluid is more corrosive to metal and rubber.

Brake fluid change

Brake fluid generally has a life cycle of  about 2 years, after which it needs to be replaced. Now that it is winter, the brake fluid used before is probably not in line with the temperature requirements and should be checked and replaced. In addition to going to a professional repair store, you can also replace the brake fluid yourself using professional tools.
What kind of tools are better to use? Take AUTOOL AST609 as an example, it is a car brake fluid changer for European, American and Asian models.

AUTOOL AST609 car brake fluid changer

One sub-pump changing oil at the same time can be faster and easier. Adjustable pulse oil change. Compared with the traditional compressed brake fluid bleeder, the pulsating electric brake fluid changer can effectively avoid the formation of air bubbles during the process of adding brake fluid, thus optimizing and avoiding the manual venting process, which can effectively clean the lines. And it can quickly recycle the used brake fluid.

AUTOOL AST609 car brake fluid changer1This is the main feature of the AUTOOL AST609, which can be operated by just one person to easily use and change brake fluid. This is a great option for owners who prefer to do their own replacement.
If you are interested in autool ast609, you can watch the video below for more information.

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