What is the best injector cleaner for your car?

If you keep your car healthy, your car will keep you healthy. This means if you take good care of your car, it won’t give up on you or leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t mean just replacing tires when they go bald or keeping it good on the outside; it boils down to every teeny bit of maintenance.

One thing, however, that’s not looked into carefully is the health of the fuel injectors. They are generally susceptible to carbon deposits and sludge formation. So, cleaning them is imperative to make sure your vehicle remains fuel-efficient and there’s no stalling or idling issues.

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The best injector cleaner for your car — AUTOOL CT200

what can Autool CT200 injector cleaner do?

The AUTOOL CT200 injector cleaning and testing machine is designed with wide voltage technology and is suitable for 110V and 220V voltage.It is combined with ultrasonic cleaning technology and microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology.

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Fuel pump oil supply simulates low, medium and high engine conditions, cleaning and testing the fuel injectors of the automobile; ultrasonic cleaning can simultaneously clean multiple injectors, which can effectively and completely remove carbon deposit for the automobiles injectors.

How to use Autool CT200 injector cleaner?

1. Clean the outside of the injector with gasoline or cleaning fluid before starting up

2. After the outside of the syringe is free of dirt, put the syringe in the ultrasonic bathtub.

3. Turn on the ultrasonic system, the pulse allows the ultrasonic energy to remove any particles, and even accumulate in the syringe.

4. Main engine fixed injector

5. Test the resistance, short circuit and current consumption of the injector

6. Perform leak test, spray pattern and flow test on the flow table.

7. The sampler is now returned to the flow station to retest all functions.

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Precautions when using the injector cleaner

1. It is forbidden to use corrosive liquids as fuel injection nozzle testing fluid to detect fuel injection nozzles. Corrosive liquids can damage machine seals and fuel injectors;

2. It is forbidden to use cleaning agents instead of testing fluids because cleaning agents are generally corrosive and will damage the equipment and injector seals;

3. It is forbidden to use gasoline instead of cleaning agent or test fluid, which is dangerous and easy to cause safety hazards;

4. Please use absolute ethanol or other non-corrosive liquids for testing liquid

if you wanna know more details about the Autool ct200 injector cleaner, you can watch the video below or go to the official website: Autool CT200

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