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Carbon is now the great enemy of the car, many people have the experience of being troubled by carbon, often a period of time not to clean up carbon, the problem will come, what fuel consumption increased, power weakened, although not a big problem, but really will make people a headache, so we car owners in life or often clean up carbon, so how much harm is this carbon?

car engine carbon cleaningThe formation of carbon

Carbon deposits are the residue of incomplete fuel combustion, which cannot be discharged directly with the exhaust gas and will only be adsorbed on the parts.

The harm of carbon deposits

If you do not clean the engine carbon will cause a certain blockage inside the engine, and will reduce the power of the engine, but also increase fuel consumption so that fuel combustion is not complete. If you don’t clean the carbon in time, it will not only cause harm to the car itself but also increase the emission of exhaust gas and cause environmental pollution. Too much carbon will damage the car’s engine and make the car shake.

How to avoid the formation of carbon deposits

The fuel used in the vehicle, emergency braking, and other driving habits can cause the formation of carbon deposits. When using fuel, it is best to go to fewer private gas stations because there are more impurities in the fuel from private gas stations. Do not idle for a long time, and then slightly improve on driving habits, but these methods can only reduce the generation of carbon, but not effectively prevent the generation of carbon, so in the time when the need to clean or to clean.

Excellent carbon cleaner–Autool hts558

The hts558 is an advanced device developed by Autool that uses walnut grit to perform engine carbon cleaning, ensuring that the engine continues to provide high-quality power.

autool hts558 engine carbon cleaner

It can deeply remove highly sticky carbon deposits on the intake manifold and intake and exhaust valves. Walnut grit can be used to clean carbon more effectively. And walnut grit can be recycled. If you want to clean carbon more efficiently, this must be a suitable choice.

You can watch the video below to learn more details of the Autool HTS558:


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