What is the role of a car battery tester and how to choose it?

The battery for the car, although the cost is not high compared with other parts, it plays a decisive role in the whole car. For example, it can power the start system, the ignition system, and the electronic dye injection system when the engine is started. When the engine stops running or idles low, the car battery supplies power to keep the car running. In addition, the battery has a stable voltage to protect the electronic equipment in the car. Therefore, it is very important to know whether the car battery is still good and to replace the batteries that will be scrapped in advance for safe driving.

Functions of the Car Battery Tester

The traditional method of battery detection is by adding load, but this method has many shortcomings, not only time-consuming and energy consumption, but also often make mistakes in judgment, leading to some good batteries being returned as bad batteries. Nowadays more and more people through the professional car battery tester to test the battery, so what is the car battery tester? Does it work well?

An automobile battery tester is professional equipment used to test the working ability and health status of automobile batteries. It identifies the remaining power in the battery by applying load and monitoring the voltage of the battery.

With a car Battery Tester, it’s invariably useful – if not essential – to determine whether the power source you’re hauling along on your travels is losing capacity and needs to be topped up. The same circuit would also come in handy when going on a car or motorbike trip as it can check the status of a 12 V (car) or a 6 V (motorcycle) battery. Battery testers for automotive applications are important. Because of the high current consumed during startup, determining the condition of the car’s battery is critical. You must ensure that your tester is compatible with lead-acid batteries before use to ensure safe test conditions.

Car Battery Tester options

There are many choices on the market about car battery tester, no matter what factors you choose which car tester, the most important thing is that the tester you choose is compatible with the battery type you will test. AUTOOL and LAUNCH both support common battery standards and common battery types, such as Regular Flooded, AMG AGM Plate, GEL, EFP, etc.


The AUTOOL BT860 Color Screen Auto battery tester is designed with a color screen and a simple printer to provide a better user experience. It is an automotive battery tester with a real-time temperature monitoring function, which can accurately judge the degree of impact of temperature on the battery performance.

Its feature is the real-time temperature monitoring function, which can accurately judge the impact of temperature on the battery performance. In addition, anti-reverse connection and high-pressure protection can prevent users from damaging the instrument because of unfamiliar misoperation, friendly to beginners. If you want to see the full report of the test, you can also print the report directly. Want to see the old test data in case you can’t find it? Don’t worry, the AUTOOL BT860 has a data storage function that allows you to view previously measured data at any time. At the same time, it supports multi-language translation, and its price is also moderate, which is one of the most cost-effective car testers on the market.

AUTOOL BT860 car battery tester
AUTOOL BT860 car battery tester


If you think the last device is out of your price range, check out the LAUNCH X431 BST360 Car Tester, which is half the price of AUTOOL. Of course, it has only test clips and no color screen. But it also basically meets the daily needs, it can carry out battery charging tests, ripple tests, battery tests, current tests, starter tests, charging system tests, and voltage tests, support Bluetooth wireless automatic connection, at the same time with reverse connection protection function. In addition, the test results can be viewed by connecting to your phone, simply by downloading the APP, which works on both Android and iPhone devices.

LAUNCH X431 BST360 car battery tester
LAUNCH X431 BST360 car battery tester

Each car battery tester has its features, you can choose according to your needs, in addition to considering the price and budget, it is important to be sure to pay attention to the battery type compatible tester, as well as the brand loyalty and provide additional features, this will help you choose the most suitable for the best car tester!


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